вторник, 30 августа 2016 г.

Jakub (1986)

Director & Writer: Andrzej Dec-Williams (as Andrzej Dec)
Stars: Aladyn Grabowski, Ilona Bartosinska, Joanna Kurowska, Pawel Dorabialski

A beautiful, melancholic tale of a young Jewish boy forced to hide in a cupboard during the occupation of Poland. Beautifully toned chiaroscuro images capture the traumatised, quasi-nocturnal existence of the boy, whose fragile state of mind amplifies every sound outside the safety of the cupboard.

Poland, in Polish (no dialogue)

вторник, 23 августа 2016 г.

Técnicas de duelo: Una cuestión de honor (1988)

Técnicas de duelo: Una cuestión de honor / Details of a Duel

Director: Sergio Cabrera
Stars: Frank Ramírez, Humberto Dorado, Florina Lemaitre, Ángelo Javier Lozano, Vicky Hernández, Kepa Amuchastegui, Edgardo Román, Manuel Pachón, Fausto Cabrera, Alicia De Rojas, Elio Mesa

Based on real events. At the end of the fifties, the habitual calm of a nameless town in the heart of the Andes is shaken by the news of an up-coming duel between the local school-teacher and the butcher--men who only yesterday were friends and political allies. Egged on by the clergy, the militia and the town's bureaucrats, a private affair becomes a gladiatorial spectacle.

Colombia | Cuba
In Spanish, with English subs (hardsubs or .srt)

пятница, 19 августа 2016 г.

Ousmane (2006)

Ousmane / Deweneti

Director: Dyana Gaye
Stars: Abbase Ba, Omar Seck, Nianga Diop, Coly Mbaye, El Hadj Dieng, Thierno Ndiaye Doss, Yalli Diagne, Moustapha Gaye

Dakar, Senegal. Ousmane, a 7 year old child, begs in the streets. He decides to write a letter to Santa Claus.

Country: Senegal | France
Language: Wolof, with French hardsubs & English subs (sub/idx)

среда, 17 августа 2016 г.

Run (2007)

Director: Mark Albiston
Star: Tirrell Samia, Helayna Serri, Louis Southerland, Nic Sampson

Late seventies, Tom, eight years and Georgie, twelve are Samoan and live in a beach-side town in New Zealand with their widowed father who rules with fear.

New Zealand, in English

четверг, 11 августа 2016 г.

A Dream of Kings (1969)

Director: Daniel Mann
Stars: Anthony Quinn, Radames Pera, Irene Papas, Inger Stevens, Sam Levene, Val Avery, Tamara Daykarhanova, Peter Mamakos, James Dobson, Zvee Scooler, Alan Reed

A Greek American father of a dying boy decides to take his son to Greece to breathe the clean air of his ancestors, in an attempt to save the boy's life. However, money is a problem.

In English

четверг, 4 августа 2016 г.

Pojken och draken (1962)

Pojken och draken / The Boy and the Dragon

Directors: Jan Troell, Bo Widerberg
Stars: Ale Möller, Rune Turesson, Bodil Mathiasson, Ulla-Greta Starck

It is Arild's birthday, but his father has forgotten this and goes to work as usual. The mother is in the hospital to give birth. In the afternoon father and son visit the mother in the hospital.

Sweden, in Swedish, with English subs (VobSub)

вторник, 2 августа 2016 г.

Sugar Creek Gang: Teacher Trouble (2005)

Director: Joy Chapman
Stars: Levi Bonilla, Lexi Johnson, Kody Brown, Samuel Hodge, Luke Garmon, Josh Garmon, Samuel Hodge, Jay St. Onge, Jacob Velcoff, Bill Chameides, Jeff Rose, Parks Stamper, Emily Jordan, Karen Morgan, Nelson Bonilla

This is the fifth and the last film in The Sugar Creek Gang series. The Sugar Creek Gang suddenly becomes the opposite of teacher's pets when the new substitute, Mr. Black, comes to town. A wrongful accusation gets Bill into trouble with his parents and creates more questions in his head than answers. Why does Mr. Black keep taking pictures of people, who poisoned Mr. Black's beautiful horse, and will those beech switches in the classroom actually be used on the gang? How do a barn full of pigeons, a ladder, a new book, and a baseball game lead to a fire in the schoolhouse on Sunday afternoon? To find out, join the Sugar Creek Gang as they try to avoid trouble with the teacher!

In English