пятница, 28 февраля 2014 г.

Little Bigfoot 2: The Journey Home (1997)

Director: Art Camacho
Stars: Stephen Furst, Taran Noah Smith, Michael Fishman, Steve Eastin, Tom Bosley, Melody Clarke, Erika Page White

A single father and his children come to Little Bigfoot's rescue when a wealthy landowner hunts him down, hoping to use him as a profitable circus attraction.

In English

четверг, 27 февраля 2014 г.

Little Bigfoot (1997)

Director: Art Camacho
Stars: Ross Malinger, P.J. Soles, Kenneth Tigar, Kelly Packard, Don Stroud, Chris Finch, Matt McCoy

Young Payton Shoemaker and his sister are the only ones who can save Little Bigfoot and his family from the ruthless logging company that sets out to eliminate them.

In English

пятница, 21 февраля 2014 г.

Tarzan's Secret Treasure (1941)

Director: Richard Thorpe
Stars: Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O'Sullivan, Johnny Sheffield, Cordell Hickman, Reginald Owen, Barry Fitzgerald, Tom Conway

An expedition team arrives on Tarzan's escarpment. By chance, the two villainous members Medford and Vandermeer find out that there is plenty of gold on the escarpment. They kidnap Jane and Boy in order to make Tarzan show them the location of the gold. Soon the group is captured by natives, whereupon Tarzan comes to their rescue.

In English (second audio)

Little Zizou (2008)

Director & Writer: Sooni Taraporevala
Stars: John Abraham, Sohrab Ardeshir, Iyanah Bativala, Jahan Bativala, Cyrus Broacha, Kurush Deboo, Tknow Francorsi, Boman Irani

A boy's view of his community in modern day Mumbai.

Country: India
Language: English

понедельник, 17 февраля 2014 г.

Father Figure (1980)

Director: Jerry London
Stars: Hal Linden, Timothy Hutton, Jeremy Licht, Martha Scott, Cassie Yates, Betty McGuire, Corey Feldman

A mother commits suicide after her husband has left her while her oldest son is 9 and her youngest a baby. Then after 8 years this father comes back to his kids. The youngest boy (Jeremy Licht) grows close to him but the older boy (Timothy Hutton) hates him...

In English

суббота, 15 февраля 2014 г.

Quelque chose de mal (2005)

Director: Namir Abdel Messeeh
Stars: Léo Jean-Deschênes, Jean-Yves Gautier, Cécilia Hornus, Erick Deshors, Natalie Perrey, Paul Richard, Marina Lefebvre

Balthazar's grandfather has just died. He does not understand the sadness of his parents as, being very religious, he believes that his grandfather will go to heaven and there is therefore no reason to be sad...

In French

четверг, 13 февраля 2014 г.

Nuit de chien (2008)

Nuit de chien / Diese Nacht / This Night

Director: Werner Schroeter
Stars: Pascal Greggory, Bruno Todeschini, Éric Caravaca, Amira Casar, Nathalie Delon, Marc Barbé, Jean-François Stévenin, Sami Frey

A group of people try to flee from a dictatorship government.

In French, with Russian, English and German subs (built in MKV)

The Legend of Johnny Lingo (2003)

Director: Steven Ramirez
Stars: George Henare, Tausani Simei-Barton, Rawiri Paratene, Joe Folau, Kayte Ferguson, Peter Sa'ena-Brown, Fokikovi Soakimi

When a small boy is mythically delivered to a remote Polynesian island and named Tama, he's received with equal amounts of joy and fear -- the former from the island tribe's chief, the latter from the chief's wife, who notes that the new boy is taking favored status away from their own, biological son. Thus, Tama is ostracized and cast away from his beloved adoptive island, but makes it his goal in life to return to reclaim his true childhood love, Mahana.

Country: New Zealand
In English (second audio)

среда, 12 февраля 2014 г.

Little Nikita (1988)

Director: Richard Benjamin
Stars: Sidney Poitier, River Phoenix, Richard Jenkins, Caroline Kava, Richard Bradford, Richard Lynch, Loretta Devine

An FBI agent works to uncover an All-American family as Soviet sleeper agents and gets caught up in friendship with their unaware son.

In English

понедельник, 10 февраля 2014 г.

Avariinoe sostoyanie (2012)

Avariinoe sostoyanie / Аварийное состояние

Director & Writer: Vsevolod Benigsen
Stars: Aleksei Afanasiev, Vladislav Dunaev, Yevgeni Dzhuraev, Semyon Treskunov, Anton Eldarov, Nadezhda Gorelova, Nadezhda Ivanova

Four stories about the people living in an old ramshackle house.

Country: Russia
Language: Russian

пятница, 7 февраля 2014 г.

Machuca (2004)

Director: Andrés Wood
Stars: Matías Quer, Ariel Mateluna, Manuela Martelli, Aline Küppenheim, Ernesto Malbran, Tamara Acosta, Francisco Reyes

Two boys observe a political coup in their native Chile.

In Spanish, with English subs (.srt)

четверг, 6 февраля 2014 г.

Gum-gam (1985)

Гум-гам / Gum-gam

Director: Oleg Yeryshev
Stars: Denis Mitrofanov, Denis Zajtsev, Illarion Naidyonko, Mikhail Boyarskiy, Viktoriya Bocharova, Ivan Doffer, Nikita Yeryshev

The film is based on the eponymous book by Evgeni Veltistov. A schoolboy Maksim meets an extra-terrestrial boy named Gum Gam. He came from the Blue Planet, where children are playing with toys instead of going to school. Gum Gam has a mission to deliver toys for the children of Earth. Everybody is having fun.

Country: Soviet Union
Language: Russian

среда, 5 февраля 2014 г.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (1983)

Director: George Schaefer
Stars: Loretta Swit, Jackson Davies, Anthony Holland, David Alexander, Fairuza Balk, Beau Heaton, Jason Micus, Teri Dean, Shane Punt, Glen Reid, Megan Hunt

This film is based on the book by the same name. When a family of orphans take over the local church Christmas play, chaos ensues. However, in the end, important lessons are learned by all. A great Christmas classic!

In English

суббота, 1 февраля 2014 г.

Yedinitsa s obmanom (1984)

Yedinitsa s obmanom / Единица «с обманом»
Director: Andrei Prachenko
Stars: Yelena Borzunova, Yelena Zajtseva, Oleg Kropot, Aleksandr Shish, Alesha Korsunsky, Dmitry Prachenko, Valentina Ivashova, Viktor Demertash

About young pioneers' life in the USSR.

Country: Soviet Union
Language: Russian