четверг, 23 февраля 2012 г.

Skaterdater (1965)

Director & Writer: Noel Black
Stars: Michael Mel, Melissa Mallory and Gregg Carroll

The group of boy skaters are suddenly at a point when one of the boys sees a young girl, and becomes interested in her. This causes a rift with the other boys, who challenges him to a skating duel that goes down a hilly street.


No dialogues

Tokkan kozô / A Straightforward Boy (1929)

Director: Yasujirô Ozu
Writers: O. Henry (story), Tadao Ikeda
Stars: Tatsuo Saitô, Tomio Aoki and Takeshi Sakamoto

Japanese intertitres, English and some other subs available

Miracle Dogs (2003)

Director: Craig Clyde
Stars: Kate Jackson, Josh Hutcherson, Ted Shackelford, Alana Austin, Stacy Keach
Charley Logan is a kid who goes on a modern-day quest to find permanent homes for an abandoned litter of puppies with the aid of the puppies’ mommy, Annie, a homeless Springer Spaniel that his family rescues their first day in a new town. When Charley’s chance encounters reveal that Annie has a healing – "magical" – effect on people, Charley discovers that her puppies can do the same thing. It’s a race against time as Charley and Annie try to save the little "Miracle Puppies" from being euthanized at the local dog shelter.

In English

понедельник, 20 февраля 2012 г.

Menino de Engenho (1965)

Menino de Engenho / Plantation Boy / Boy of the Plantation

Director: Walter Lima Jr.
Stars: Geraldo Del Rey, Sávio Rolim, Rodolfo Arena, Anecy Rocha, Margarida Cardoso

In colonial Brazil, boy is sent to live with some parents in a sugarcane plantation, after losing his mother. His adaptation will be difficult and painful.


воскресенье, 19 февраля 2012 г.

Kabluey (2007)

Director & writer: Scott Prendergast
Stars: Scott Prendergast, Lisa Kudrow, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Teri Garr

Inept Salman comes to help his sister-in-law tend to his holy terror nephews while Salman's brother is off fighting in Iraq. Salman must take a humiliating job as a giant blue corporate mascot in order to help make ends meet and hold the family together.

четверг, 16 февраля 2012 г.

One Christmas (1994)

Director: Tony Bill
Stars: Katharine Hepburn, Henry Winkler, T.J. Lowther and Swoosie Kurtz

It's Christmas 1930, and eight-year-old Buddy finds himself in New Orleans spending the holidays with his estranged father. Leaving behind his Aunt Sook and the peaceful Alabama country life. Buddy now endures a conniving, deceitful con man of a dad who seems to care more about fast buck scams than earning his son's affection...

In English

Ten Brothers / Shi xiong di (1995)

Director: Lik-Chi Lee
Stars: Kenny Bee, Sharla Cheung and Shao-wen Hao

A silly fantasy/adventure film about a man and wife who inherit a magical bracelet that bestows ten sons unto them. It soon becomes apparent that there are ill-intentioned others who want to use the ten brothers to their own advantage.

English hardsubs

воскресенье, 12 февраля 2012 г.

The Littlest Angel (1969)

Director: Joe Layton
Stars: Johnny Whitaker, Fred Gwynne, Cab Calloway and E.G. Marshall
Adapted from the book by Charles Tazewell. Michael, a shepherd boy living in Biblical times, finds himself transported to Heaven on his eighth birthday. Michael doesn't fully understand where he is, or why he's there. A guardian angel named Patience is given the task of showing Michael the joys of Heaven and helping him find his place in the Hereafter.

четверг, 9 февраля 2012 г.

Broken Angel (1988)

Director: Richard T. Heffron
Stars: William Shatner, Susan Blakely, Jason Horst, Roxann Dawson, Erika Eleniak

A man (William Shatner) combs Los Angeles for his missing daughter, and discovers she belongs to a gang dealing in crack.

воскресенье, 5 февраля 2012 г.

The Only Journey of His Life (2001)

To monon tis zois tou taxeidion / The Only Journey of His Life
Director: Lakis Papastathis
Stars: Ilias Logothetis, Fragiski Moustaki and Lazaros Andreou

As Georgios Vizneyos, one of Greece's greatest authors, degenerates in an Athens mental asylum, the tale of another story-teller, his grandfather, begins to emerge through his mad ramblings. This lavish film recreates (through his own words) the writer's childhood life, rich with fantasy and legend. Apprenticed to a tailor, young Georgios' mind is filled with his grandfather fairy tales. He ponders the hill from which one can climb into the sky and waits each day for the chance to bring clothes to the princess and win her heart through song. But, just as reality begins to germinate doubt in his mind, Georgios is called home to his ailing grandfather, who will reveal one final, true story that may prove to be the most fantastic of all.

Greek, English subs (.srt)

Taxidi sti Mytilini (2010)

Taxidi sti Mytilini / Journey To Mytilene

Director: Lakis Papastathis
Stars: Christos Hatzipanayotis, Maria Zorba and Dimitris Katalifos

After 20 years in Paris, an inheritance brings Kostas back to his hometown Mytilini. Thats where he will meet again with a young girl who he firstly met in France, and his relatives bringing back memories of his childhood.

In Greek, with English subs (.srt)

пятница, 3 февраля 2012 г.

Tayna zheleznoy dveri (1970)

 Tayna zheleznoy dveri / The Secret of the Iron Door / Тайна железной двери

Director: Mikhail Yuzovsky
Stars: Alisa Freyndlikh, Oleg Tabakov, Evaldas Mikaliunas, Andrei Kharybin, Sergei Yevsyunin and Saveli Kramarov

Fairy tale about a boy who found magical matches. And he pursued by an evil magician, who is a boy too.

Soviet Union
Russian, English subs (.srt)

Dobro pozhalovat (1964)

Full title: Dobro pozhalovat, ili postoronnim vkhod vospreshchyon / Welcome, or No Trespassing.

Director: Elem Klimov
Stars: Evgeni Evstigneev, Viktor Kosykh, Arina Alejnikova and Ilya Rutberg

Soviet cult classic - satirical comedy about the excessive restrictions that children face during their vacation in a Young Pioneer camp, imposed by their masters.

Russian, with English subtitles (.srt)