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Scouting for Boys (2007)

Scouting for Boys / Ian Hislop's Scouting for Boys

Director: Deborah Lee
Stars: Ian Hislop, John Rowe, Robert Crause Baden-Powell, Elleke Boehmer, Lesley Hall, Tim Jeal, David Lammy, Paul Moynihan

Lord Baden-Powell's 1908 handbook Scouting for Boys is one of the most influential and best-selling books of all time. In the 20th century, only the Bible, the Koran and the Thoughts of Chairman Mao sold more. But they had fewer jokes, no pictures and were useless at important stuff like tying knots. In this entertaining and affectionate film, Ian Hislop uncovers the story behind the book which kick-started the Scout Movement - a work which is very eccentric, very Edwardian and very English. Hislop discovers that the book is also very radical and addresses a variety of modern issues, such as citizenship, disaffected youth and social responsibility. He explores the maverick brilliance of Baden-Powell, a national celebrity after his heroism in the Boer War, and considers the book's candid focus on health and well-being. Contributors include his grandson Lord Baden-Powell, minister for culture and former cub scout David Lammy, biographer Tim Jeal and Elleke Boehmer, editor of the re-issue of the original Scouting for Boys.

UK, in English, with English and other subs (.srt)

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A Haunting Harmony (1993)

Director: Alvin Rakoff
Stars: Nathaniel Moreau, Jean Marc Perret, Francesca Annis, Michael Ford, John Hallam, Marilyn Le Conte, Frank Middlemass, Hayward Morse, Tim Wylton

A young member of a choir becomes friends with a ghost in a school of English cathedral.

Haunting Harmony tells the story of the friendship which develops between a Canadian Choirboy at a modern-day English cathedral school in 1989 and the ghost of a Welsh choirboy who has been haunting the cathedral for 400 years, using flashbacks to 1595 to draw out the parallels in their lives. Conflicting career pressures bring about the separation of the parents of 12-year old David Fabry and he is sent to school in England where his opera singing mother visits him occasionally, but it is David's father, a busy lawyer, that he really misses. Lonely and homesick, David is befriended by the ghost of Huw Pritchard whose tragic life ended abruptly when he was kidnapped to join the South Minster cathedral choir. In between choir practices for the Christmas carol service, David and Huw plot to re-unite his parents-and it becomes crucial for David to sing the solo at the service. However, Huw reveals that singing the same solo is the only way he can free himself from the supernatural ties that bind his soul to the cathedral...

Canada | UK
In English

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I Want to Be Famous (1976)

Director & Writer: Roger Lambert
Stars: Stephen Bratt, Stuart Elliot, Andy Gough, Joyce Pemberton, Keith Groom, Ted Gray, Steve Handforth

Steve is the smallest eleven year old in his class, thinks girls are soppy and prefers painting. He creates an exciting but violent fantasy world of his own, but in reality he is lonely and introspective. Stuart, his best mate, is the most solid thing thing about a comfortless world where people argue too much - usually about him - and, with studied indifference, both boys establish and re-establish their devotion to each other.


In English with German hardsubs

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Una famiglia perfetta (2012)

Una famiglia perfetta / A Perfect Family

Director: Paolo Genovese
Stars: Sergio Castellitto, Marco Giallini, Claudia Gerini, Giacomo Nasta, Lorenzo Zurzolo, Carolina Crescentini, Ilaria Occhini, Francesca Neri, Romuald Andrzej Klos
A powerful middle-aged man, despite the wealth, suffers enormously their loneliness. For Christmas so he decides to hire a troupe of actors to play the perfect family that has always dreamed of having. The story so travels on two levels: one real and the other following a script written by the protagonist and provided the performers. But gradually the two levels are mixed and the script is gradually disregarded: the reality fits in fiction, and each role is constantly being called into question, until the final revelation that gives meaning to the whole affair. Remake of Fernando León de Aranoa's Familia (1996).

In Italian, with Italian subs (.srt)

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Ranenyy angel (2015)

Ranenyy angel / Раненый ангел / Жаралы періште / The Wounded Angel

Director: Emir Baigazin
Stars: Timur Aidarbekov, Madiyar Aripbay (Chick), Madiyar Nazarov (Toad), Nurlybek Saktaganov (Zharas), Omar Adilov (Aslan), Anzara Barlykova, Kanagat Taskaraev, Rasul Vilyamov

Four loosely connected stories set in a small town in Kazakhstan at the beginning of the 90s, a time of transition from the Soviet era to a new state inscribed with emotional and economic depression. Each of the four main characters, all of whom are 13 years old, must go through a painful transition themselves; this presents them with a moral dilemma. They turn from being children – or ‘angels’ – to grown-ups, and are wounded along the way.

In Kazakh, with French, German, Russian, Dutch & English subs (sub/idx)

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En Sabana Grande siempre es de día (1988)

Director & Writer: Manuel de Pedro
Stars: Mario Antonini, Alejo Felipe, Frank Garcia, Daniel López, Nelson Marquina, William Moreno, Virginia Urdaneta
Victor, a middle-class child, escapes from his home in search of his father; after multiple crossings find it where you least expect, with the help of two small living on the street.

In Spanish

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The Boy Who Talked to Badgers (1975)

Director: Gary Nelson
Stars: Christian Juttner, Carl Betz, Salome Jens, Denver Pyle, Stewart Lee, Georgie Collins, Jim Roberts, Chief Rufus Goodstriker, Robert Donner

Benjy is a young Canadian farm boy who has little use for people; in fact, he seems to communicate better with animals.  He tries to spend as much time as possible with his furry friends.  His parents realize this could eventually become a problem, but don't have the heart to take away Benjy's seemingly only pleasure.  The boy befriends a badger, and when the animal disappears, Benjy sets out to find his friend.  In the course of his search, Benjy gets trapped in a raging river and winds up being carried far from his home.  His quest for survival and finding his way back dominate the bigger part of the film.

In English

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Avaliha (1986)

Avaliha / First Graders

Director & Writer: Abbas Kiarostami

A documentary film about a boys school in Iran. The film shows numerous, funny and moving interviews of many different young pupils of this school summoned by their superintendent for questions of discipline. The man is not severe, but clever and fair. He teaches loyalty, fellowship and righteousness to these boys. Besides these interviews, we see scenes of this school's quotidian life.

In Persian, with Italian hardsubs & English subs (.srt)

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Crni biseri (1958)

Crni biseri / Black Pearls

Director: Toma Janic
Stars: Severin Bijelic, Mihajlo Viktorovic, Milan Ajvaz, Franjo Tuma, Milivoje Jevremovic, Rajko Jovanovic, Zdravko Romanovic, Djordje Jelisic

Reform school teacher tries to carry his class to the right path by teaching them diving.

Country: Yugoslavia
Language: Serbo-Croatian

четверг, 10 августа 2017 г.

The Elf Who Didn't Believe (1997)

Director: Rodney McDonald
Stars: Sean Donnelly, Margo Harshman, Rich Mann, Dan Frank, Samantha Mudd, Ross Hagen, David Lowell Gardner, Kathleen Doyle, Allen Garfield
Young elf Elmer wants to become a real boy. He steals Santa's sleigh and escapes to the real world, where he meets a young girl who needs a heart transplant.

USA, Cabin Fever Entertainment
In English, with English subs (in .mkv)